Alica Schmidt The Worlds Sexiest Athlete Shares Her Olympic 2024 Journey With Fantastic Breakfast

ALICA SCHMIDT has provided fans with a look inside what a typical day is like for an athlete who is working toward qualifying for the 2024 Olympics.

The German runner has garnered a significant number of internet fans and is now competing in the mixed 4×400-meter relay.
Alica Schmidt gave her followers a glimpse into what it’s like to be an athlete by sharing a day in her life. Schmidt is a member of the Germany athletics team and she stays in shape through exercising.
She just finished off her participation in the World Championships in Budapest.
Schmidt, who is 24 years old, has 4.4 million followers on Instagram and is frequently referred to as the “sexiest athlete in the world.”

She just returned from competing in the World Championships in Budapest, where she made it all the way to the final.
“Competing in Budapest has been a wonderful experience,” she remarked afterward. In particular, the mixed relay, which ended up being a very successful event for the squad.

“We worked incredibly hard to get ourselves into the final. The path that one had to travel over the past few years had been challenging.

“We were tremendously pleased of the fact that we were successful. There are a number of talented young athletes in Germany who train very hard. Therefore, I have high hopes that we will be able to progress in the future.

“Of course, the main target for the next year is Paris. I intend to compete in that event as part of the women’s and mixed teams in the 4×400-meter relay.

“I want to get a better time in the 400 meters. After that, we will wait and see what unfolds.

“I hope that I can demonstrate to people how much fun track and field is, as well as encourage them to watch the sport and participate in it.”

“Make it more popular in Europe, but also make it more popular worldwide.”

However, the team came in seventh place overall as the United States of America won a thrilling race after the Netherlands’ Femke Bol collapsed only meters from the finish line.

After competing in the World Championships, she is now showing her supporters what a typical day in the life of an athlete looks like.

On her Instagram account, she shared a video in which she demonstrated how she prepares an outstanding morning meal.

The video then cuts to her getting to the gym for her workout, which is then immediately followed by an ice bath and a physiotherapy appointment.

After that, Schmit takes lunch with his colleagues and then attends a meeting before turning on the television to follow the proceedings.

She has also said how delighted she is that the team got it to the final, and she has stated that her objective for the following year is to compete in the Olympics in Paris.

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