Best Fast-Food Order for Weight Loss

 Most fast food sandwiches are excellent, but they lack fresh veggies and high-quality protein. Many include greasy

 subway veggie

 Instead of fried chips or cookies, a 50-calorie Veggie Delite salad adds fiber and minerals without salt, sugar, or fat.

 A vegetarian delite

 Finally, order a 16-ounce Simply Orange Orange Juice and a half-filled glass of water instead of soda or lemonade with additional

 100% juice provides

 A 6-inch Veggie Delite sandwich on a hearty multigrain roll with sliced tomatoes, spinach, green peppers, red onions, fresh Mozzarella

 Fresh vegetable

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 This fast food order is healthful, tasty, and easy when served with a side salad with genuine juice and water.

 Fresh vegetables

 Mix 8 ounces of juice with water for a diluted fruit drink that "counts" as a fruit serving and offers

 orange juice

 Skipping the cheese and adding oil and vinegar as a dressing will get you a dietitian-approved supper

 vegetable delite salad

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