Full-Body Weight Loss Exercises Performed on the Floor

 Eat This, Not That! has an illustration of burpees on their site. Assume a tall posture with your feet shoulder-width apart to begin a set of burpees. 

Knee to chest Begin the knees-to-chest exercise by sitting on your buttocks. Lean back and stretch your legs out at the same time. 

Pushups are a popular bodyweight complex exercise, and there are various ways to modify them.

The leg raise is a great exercise for toning your abs and legs. You should begin by lying on your back on a yoga mat. 

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Grab your lower back and tuck your hands in. The next step is to raise both legs approximately two feet off the ground, and then lower them to a position where they are about six inches off the ground. 

Our final floor exercise for total-body fat removal is bicycle crunches. MasterClass instructs a beginner to lie on the floor with their legs stretched and their shoulders and head slightly elevated. 

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