Amazing Recipes for Avoided Protein

Have you always enjoyed eggplant tofu but Panda Express no longer serves it near you, or have you always wanted to taste it but never got the chance.

Buffalo Tofu Kebabs Enjoy buffalo tofu with a crispy caramelized crust.

Harissa-Baked Tofu Harissa tofu is deliciously sweet and spicy. 

Chickpea-Tofu Curry If you like curry, try chickpea tofu curry! It's protein-packed, plant-based, and tasty. 


Veggie Sausage This tasty vegetable sausage recipe utilizes minced frozen tofu and a robust combination of spices to make "meaty"

Sticky Teriyaki Tofu (Pei Wei copycat) Want to create beautiful, crispy, sticky teriyaki tofu like Pei Wei Restaurant

Tofu Korma This protein-packed tofu korma has a mild curry and a wonderful combination of sweet and savory tastes.