zodiac signs may fake friendships

 Versatile Geminis are adaptable. They are charming and engaging, but their friendships are unreliable.


 Libras want harmony and balance in relationships. However, their demand for acceptance might make them shallow or fake friends.


 Leos are charming and confident. While kind and devoted friends, their ego and craving for limelight can often obscure


 Aries are forceful and powerful. While passionate and fascinating companions, their impulsivity might cause inconsistent behavior.


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 Sagittarians are independent and adventurous. They make fantastic pals for thrilling adventures, but their restlessness can make


 Capricorns are ambitious and determined. While loyal and diligent, their concentration on accomplishment and performance


 Aquarians are autonomous and unorthodox. They might be smart and distinctive companions, but their aloofness can make


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